Should I wear Straps, Braces, and Tape? 

If you have a sore and achy knee during your summer training, you should consider using a brace,  strap, or tape depending on the causes, the diagnosis, as well as amount of the pain. Now, there are many options of straps, braces, and tape on the market. They are used for many specific conditions. In fact, all of them provide support to the involved joints as well as muscles. So, it's important to choose the best knee strap for running. Besides, wearing a brace also help to get rid of your injury. Let's take a look at the article to learn more about them.



The strap wraps around the bottom of your knee. It applies pressure to the tendon. It aims to spread pressure across a larger area as well as reduce stress on the sore area of the patellar tendon. In addition, they come with the proprioceptive effect on the knee joint. Also, they can be able to keep the muscles on a heightened level of alert. These straps are used for patellar tendonitis, patellofemoral pain syndrome, chondromalacia, IT Band friction syndrome, and runner’s knee



There is a wide range of braces on the market. Some of them are used to prohibit certain dangerous motions after surgery. Som others are used to prevent injury. And, some are used for increased comfort as well as support when you perform your activities.  

 However, you may be in the difficulty when it comes to knee braces for running. Some braces come with holes, no holes. Some have metal hinges or gel pads. Some come with straps, and some others have no straps.

 There are two common braces including the knee sleeve and the patella brace. There are two main purposes when it comes to the knee sleeve. First, it can provide compression for reducing swelling as well as keep blood flowing to the muscles. In addition, it also helps to give a lot of feedback to the brain. The patella brace is to support the kneecap.

 We need the compressive knee sleeve when there is a mild amount of swelling around the knee or for runner’s knee or minor sprains. On the contrary, we use the patella brace for chondromalacia, post-surgically, or patellar hypermobility.  


K tape is developed in Japan. It helps to lift the skin and enhance the function of the joints, muscles,  lymphatic system, and fascia. Besides, it can also reduce swelling, enhance proprioception, or give support. You can use K tape to treat many different orthopedic conditions. Especially, it's used for IT band friction syndrome and runner’s knee. This is a common choice for running. They are available in two colors including red and blue.


You know, there are many options for supportive devices. But, the first important things you need to do are appropriate rest, exercise, and stretching. They are the best solutions for a running injury. If you still need a little something extra to cross the finish line, you should consider trying a strap, tape, or brace.